Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recommended… Hands on electronics repair website

When I was starting out in electronics I wanted to not only learn electronics theory but also understand how circuits work (do-it-yourself)

On this website by Colin Mitchell you will find lots of do-it-yourself circuits (hands on) and free eBooks related to electronics and much more.

For more info kindly click of the picture below.


  1. wow MR KIMATHI
    this need s 1 month to read all subjects and to make circutes even more it is amazing !
    thank you humphrey

  2. You are right Mr.Beh,
    most of electronics test equipments can be assembled right in your workshop and give same results as the professional assembled ,this will not only cut on cost of buying new test equipment but will also give you a very good understanding of how Circuit works and also learn good soldering methods.

    Regards Humphrey

  3. What model of Akira tv is used in Crt TV REPAIRE COURSE? I what to track schematic blocks and i dont have a full picture of the schematic. Thanks.

  4. Hi there ...

    Let me have the model you are looking for i see if i can assist you, having said that let me point out that the Akira tv models use common components in their main blocks.

    Or are you looking for a specific component burnt or missing?

    Regards Humphrey