Saturday, January 21, 2012

Customer support-via email

One of my CRT television repair course customer from TOGO in Africa Mr. Awali wrote..
Hello my dear friend,
I would like through this writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did. Your book helped me improve my performance in troubleshooting.
 After reading your book, let me ask you some questions.

1) For series light bulb test. When the two bulbs does not light it means what?
2) For Chinese TV brands can you show me your troubleshooting methods? I
mean the voltage testing method

 Hi Awali,
Thank you for your compliments Awali, if the two bulbs does not light it means:
1.There is no  short on the primary power supply. Therefore you can continue with normal troubleshooting method without fear of losing any component replaced.
Still this could mean the power supply is not Circulating and you should check what is blocking it. See if there is voltage across the main capacitor, at the middle leg of the switching transistor and a voltage at the base of the switching transistor.
For more information use chaps 4 and 5 of your book (If the TV is using ic on the power supply read chap 4 and if transistor is used read chap 5.
Most of my examples in my book I am using china models..Example AKIRA TV is china model and therefore you can use that knowledge in all china models.
Kind regards Humphrey

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