Saturday, November 5, 2011

Electronics Graduate asks for the best way forward after graduating as electronics technician

Hi Humphrey,

I was on Internet looking for something regarding Electronic field and I found your blog, I'm Haitian living in USA in Florida, so I would like to get in touch with you because I just graduated in this field, as technician in electronic I would like to know the best thing in practice.

Good day Ronald,

Glad to meet you Ronald and welcome to the world of electronics. Coming back to your question may I say that you have made a good decision to consult for the best way forward after completing your electronics technician course.

Now the next thing to consider is which area you are going to specialize in because electronics is quite broad.

To make that decision you can do a quick market research around your area and see the need of most people around you electronically speaking.

Entrepreneurship is about being able to see an opportunity and make it a business idea. I will advice you though that as you go into this let your driving force be passion, skill, commitment and integrity...if you  use these as your guidelines then money(profit) will come looking for you.

Every work has its own tools of trade Ronald, in electronics the minimum you should have is a multimeter(both analogue and digital), screw driver(flat and star), soldering wire, soldering iron, diagonal cutter, long nose pliers, de-soldering pump and a comfortable work bench.

These you can buy them from your nearest electronics shop which I believe they are readily available, there are others which I consider important but a bit expensive for someone who is getting started and therefore can be added later as you walk down the road. These include, esr meter, fly back tester and an oscilloscope among others.

With the above preparation now you are ready to hit the ground running, but before that I suggest you do some investments on eBook of some of the technician who has been there and therefore can give you some very good tips required in the field. In this regard I would strongly recommend my book basic electronics course. click here for info on this.

 All the best Ronald

Regards Humphrey

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