Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feedback from a blog visitor

 In electronics we usually encounter feedback circuit; the purpose of feedback circuit is basically to couple a sample of the output signal back to the input of the circuit. This signal is analyzed and compared with what is expected.

If the sampled signal(Voltage) is less the expected then the control circuit will cause the switch(e.g.transistor) to move faster in order to increase the output monitored source and vice versa
In real life scenario feedback is also very important, for example as a blogger it is very important for the followers to take some time once in a while to let the host know if what we are giving is high or low value contents.

This will guide us to respond accordingly and in doing so improve on what need to be improved and suppress what is not relevant to you as consumers…one of the best way to let us know how we are fairing as bloggers is by dropping a line or two on the comments box.

Blogging is generally a very social community and therefore those who are active in it often get recognized and this can lead to more visitors to your blog or even more opportunities may come knocking your doors.
 Below you can see a comment dropped by a Mr. JG Manza after reading this article on Akira Television dead.

Another very important form of feedback is Guest posting, once in a while consider writing an article for other websites and by so doing you will get an idea of the quality of your content if you are getting started in this road of electronics.

I never knew I am good at writing electronics articles until the time I was given an opportunity by Mr Jestine Yong of Best electronics articles to write an article in his monthly electronics repair newsletter and from the feedback I got from the readers really gave me more confidence to move on writing more and more, eventually I wrote my first eBook on CRT television repaircourse.

All the best guys

See you on the other side.

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