Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Satisfied Customer Comes Back!!

 I received this email from one of my CRT Television repair course book Customer from Tanzania, and I was getting ready to find out where he needs my support in relation to his day to day repair works.

But as I continued reading down the email I realized this is a Satisfied customer who is coming back but this time not for any assistance as far his repair work is concerned but on how to add some flavors to his repair work by enjoying some of his favorites soft music in the background as he continue to enjoy his repair work.
Here is the Mail…..
I remember Amosi is one of my very first customers to buy my eBook, He came to me a few times at the early beginning and of late I have not heard from him but now I know why(The backlog is gone and his work bench is now cleared). So I expect very fast service delivery to his current customers. This will also definitely translate to increase in profit.

By the way dear Techs if you find your shop has many equipment laying on your shelves does not mean that your business is doing well….It could mean you are taking too long to diagnose and repair hence the backlog.

And if you are not careful you will find your shop full of equipment and you will have no room left even for you to sit comfortably. This will increase your stress levels and soon you find your output going down even more.

Another thing worthy to note is that in Tanzania English is not their First language but despite that Amosi seems to have read my book and understood it pretty well because I have written it in very simple English and numerous color photos to make the reader understand very easily.

Here is a clip by Emmy Kosgei.

Wishing you all happy repairing

Humphrey Kimathi
Author CRT television repair course


    thank you so much of this beautiful song.
    this lady is very beautiful also is singing very
    good ....do you remember what i told you? ..ok

  2. Hi Beh, Thanks for your compliment. Sure I remember what you told me and I will be back with a comprehensive answer soon.

    Regards Humphrey

  3. ok i will wait here to get answer from you

  4. Ok Beh, Don't go away. i will be right back.

    Regards Humphrey