Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make your own ESR meter

After given an opportunity by Jestine Yong to write an article for his ERG members for June-2011 monthly newsletter I have received several emails like the one here below from Happymore Bunu from Zimbabwe.

 Hi Mr Humphrey.
My name is Happymore Bunu.I am a qualified electronics technician from
a popular college in Africa (Mutare Poly ,Zimbabwe).I finished my 3
year course in 2005,then graduated in 2006.I worked for many
companies, but finally I am now having my own workshop in Mutare.

So this is my second year, with my workshop. I got to know you through
Mr Jestine.I am a subscriber to Mr Jestine. I really liked your post of
2010, building your own ESR. I want to build this project, but I am
facing a problem with the component values. I am struggling to read the
values. May you sent me a circuit diagram of this project, or any other

Thank you very much, have a blessed day, bye.

Please note that the above issue of main ESR circuit values were revised by Mr Yong.

He has also included a PDF version of the same for easy printing.

Wishing you all the best

Humphrey Kimathi


  1. Hi Humphrey,

    I am already a member but I cant find the pdf of the ESR meter.


  2. Open your email and click on the link again.

    Regards Humphrey