Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to use an oscilloscope

In my CRT Television repair course eBook that I have just released to the market I have tried as much as possible using common test equipment like multi meter which every technician can afford on his work bench but with the option of advancing to other advanced like oscilloscope down the Road.

But from the feedback I have received it seems many Tech out there already have oscilloscope and would like to be advised how to use this equipment to get best results.

One thing I must emphasis is that most of the faults in electronics hardly require the use of oscilloscope but if you have one that is definitely an added advantage.

While trying to figure out how best I can help a young technician on how to use an oscilloscope I remembered my former school, radio and electronics school of Australia where we used to have a supplementary downloads for students and in this article I believe you too can gain from this valuable information. And being an old student It is my pleasure to introduce you to this great source of information.
For more information of the xyz of oscilloscope please click on the file below.

And for a small video on the same topic kindly click the link below.

A word of advice also goes to Techs who maybe have not done basic electronics, let me use an example of the horizontal circuit of CRT television, when we talk of horizontal circuit we are referring to a set of individual components with work together to make a horizontal circuit.

So the Basic factor is the Component. It is very important for a technician to be able to test individual components fast and without struggling and for this I strongly recommend a book on Basic electronics.

I have read several books on electronics and the latest one was testing electronics components by Jestine Yong. I am telling you guys this book is more than enough for any tech (beginner or advanced)

The book shows you how to test any component under planet earth (electronically speaking) and has many bonuses and numerous short cut on how to test and troubleshoot equipment up to component level.
For more information on this book click the link below.

With that gentlemen thank you for attending and being keen in this class

Let meet in the next lesson

Humphrey Kimathi

Author CRT Television repair course.


  1. An oscilloscope is easily the most useful instrument available for testing circuits because it allows you to see the signals at different points in the circuit. The best way of investigating an electronic system is to monitor signals at the input and output of each system block, checking that each block is operating as expected and is correctly linked to the next. With a little practice, you will be able to find and correct faults quickly and accurately.School of technology