Friday, November 19, 2010

What is the future of electronics repairing?

A friend of mine who is a Salesman once told me this statement which still ringers in my mind like yesterday, we were taking a walk discussing and all of a sudden he told me these words” Humphrey my professor of economics told me that the first Sale is not important for the business but the second sale is very important”

Stunned by his words I asked him to elaborate further, and then he gave me this example...Suppose you have a small shop and a customer come to buy for the first time, the sale you make on his first visit is not very important in marketing world..So I asked him what is more important my learned friend…he told me the second visit/sale is very important because it means the customer was satisfied with your service.

This principal can be applied to every area of our life and because I am in electronics repairs and I believe most of you are let me apply it to electronics repairing business.

Suppose you have a repair shop, do you do your work to the highest standard so that you can keep your customers coming again and again or you are satisfied with the first visit only? A satisfied customer will always come back and bring more customers by referrals to your shop.

Statistics show that the best way of increasing your sales is not necessarily by increasing the number of calls but be keeping the customers you have coming back again and again.

When I joined the electronics world I was having one issue I wanted to deal with as a matter of urgency, to change the perception of customers toward the so called technician and I thought this was a Kenyan technician problem but sampling the emails I get across the world I have concluded that this problem is global.

For me getting my first repair was so hard to get but when I fixed the Television the customer was very satisfied and he referred to me yet another customer and when I went to collect the television he told me that he had no intension of having it 21 inch JVC repaired by a technician and whenever his equipment break down he buys a new one but he reluctantly accepted me to check it because his friend has convinced him that I can assist him by repairing his set.

So I was given a credit of doubt and I started working on the Television and it successfully came back to life, this was my second repair and since that time this customer has been coming to me whenever there is a problem with any electronics gadget in his house to date not mentioning many other referrals he make to me.

As technicians we have a collective responsibility to see that our services meet and exceed our customers’ expectations at all times, and by doing this we will keep our customers satisfied and keep on coming back with even more referrals.

The technology is changing at a very high speed and therefore a technician who want to remain relevant in today’s technology must be ready to invest on learning continually otherwise he or she might become irreverent pretty fast as far as repairs is concerned and therefore I urge my fellow technicians to set aside some money for personnel improvement in his/her area of specialization and also do some customer care courses to improve on his relationship with customers.

In conclusion my dear technician the future of electronics repairing is very bright for all of us if we are willing to listen to our customers and continually improve on our services in order to satisfy our customers at all times.

If you are willing to follow these basic steps...Then I will look for you at the top!

Any suggestion, comments and opinion of how you are dealing with this perception on technicians is most welcome. Also I would like to hear from customers/consumers about your experiences with the technicians near you.

Thank you guys

Let meet in the next class


  1. Humphrey
    all is true god bless you

  2. Hi Beh, Thanks a million!
    regards Humphrey

    1. With the influx of china made products which is sold very cheap yet does not last as long as the branded, many customers opt to just buy a new one than have their units repaired. Another is that mostly the main parts are not available in the market. Those are the reasons future of repairing is becoming bleak. THE IDEA OF THROW AWAY is fast catching on us.

  3. Dear Fellows,
    I don't agree about the chinese stuff. People are being attracted because its cheap but soon get disappointed by its unreliability, performance and short life. The branded equipment is a bit expansive but durable.
    The repair of branded home applainces is keeping us alive and hopeful.


  4. Hi humphrey I'm am from the uk in my country I'm afraid there is no future for electronic repairs because here we have the adopted an throw away rather than the repair attitude when a appliances break down we throw it away and buy a replacement there are a few workshops doing repair but the price are so low I don't know how they make money I do repairs from home so I don't have big overhead costs keep up the good work thanks

    1. Hi Tah,
      Thanks for your feedback and glad to hear from the UK, that sounds quite interesting but everything on earth has two sides, so I am thinking suppose you buy these throw away at low price, repair them and sell them as second hand, I think you can also sell them at eBay...Just thinking.

      Regards Humphrey