Monday, August 9, 2010

Hum-tech technical tip for the month:-how to save a mobile phone that has fallen into water

This month tip is about how to save a mobile phone that has fallen into water.

Most mobile phone which happen to fall into water end up being thrown into the dust bin by the owner just because of lack of proper information on how to handle such a case.

This month tip of the month, we at Hum-tech feel we should enlighten our customers on how to handle a case where a phone drops into the water.

Most important is to remove the phone battery…this prevent your phone from shorting both the motherboard and the battery itself.

Please don’t be tempted to power it up even for a moment because that will surely cause a lot of damages even if not immediately noticed.

Then take your phone to a qualified technician and explain that you have a phone which has fallen in water…so that they can open the phone and clean it with medicinal spirit and blow it up with hot air (by the way even a hair blow drier can do it very well but be sure the phone is cleaned first to avoid rust on the inside.

That’s all for this month tip….see you next month for some more…

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  1. thank you so much. your blog is very useful good luck

  2. Hello,thanks alot;your lessons have been so beneficial. My mixer amplifier has got a problem,,speakers are buzzing when connected to it, what might be the problem?