Monday, October 26, 2015

CRT Television with intermittent colour problem question

Email from the UK
Hello, I wondered if you could help me. I really like your website!

I have a problem with a CRT TV which I would like to repair if I can.

The picture has too much red, and sometimes too much blue or too much green.

But the problem is intermittent - it comes and goes - there are moments when the picture is perfect, then it has the problem again.

I am guessing that because there are moments when the picture is perfect, it's not likely to be the colour itself that needs adjusting, it's more likely to be a bad connection, like something that needs re-soldering.

Please can you tell me if you have seen this problem before and is there likely to be any chance of repairing it?

Thank you very much
Yours sincerely
James McCarty
Bedfordshire, UK

Hi James, 
Your email sounds like from a professional CRT television repairer, actually you have given me all the clues to this problem which any technician would require to make any serious conclusion as to the circuit causing this problem.

Intermittent problems as you rightly put it are usually caused by dry joints or loose connections and therefore I can bet this TV will not require any spare parts beside a soldering gun.

The main suspect circuit for color problems is the small circuit board at the neck of CRT television and this where you should concentrate on.

Included in this mail find an attachment pic of the same circuit.

All the best James.
I would be glad to hear feedback on this.
Regards Humphrey

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